Gift Pack - Unicorns & Foxes

Gift Pack - Unicorns & Foxes

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Gift Set - Unicorns & Foxes

Contribute to saving our precious planet by using reusable nappies.
These modern cloth nappies are not only helping save our planet and reducing waste in landfill, you are also saving bucket loads of money on disposable nappies.

Super easy to use and clean.
Head to our blog for cleaning and storage ideas.

Store your used nappies while you're out and about.
Wet bags mask any odours that may come from used nappies and are water proof.
Wet bags can be used to any purpose, carrying snacks to mums purse and keys.

Product details (nappy): 
Includes: x2 Shell, x2 liner insert.
Size: One size fits most.
Material: Suede inner shell, waterproof PUL outer shell, plastic poppers & insert.
Insert: Choice of microfibre, pure bamboo or hemp.
Store out of direct sunlight.
Washing instructions: machine wash. warm/hot pre wash on medium spin, then hot long wash on medium spin. do not tumble dry. Allow to air dry.

Product details (wet bag): 
Size: Height 40cm x Width 30cm
Material: Waterproof PUL
Features: Two pockets. One strap with plastic popper.
Store out of direct sunlight
Washing instructions: warm machine wash, do not tumble dry. Allow to air dry.