My first thought on using my eco oral care range

My first thoughts on using my eco oral care range

We all know how much plastic waste goes into landfill when using things to clean our teeth.

I have finally come out with an eco-friendly oral care range and I want to let you know my initial thoughts on it.

I first tried the bamboo toothbrush just the other day. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I first used it, I don’t even know what I thought in regards to how good they would be or not, I just didn’t expect it to be as good as it is. 

When I first put my bamboo toothbrush in my mouth, I got an initial wood taste. It was quite overpowering, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue using this every time I wanted to brush my teeth. The next morning, I got another overpowering taste of wood in my mouth, I would say it was similar to the night before. Later that night I brushed them again and didn’t think it was too bad. 

I would say after maybe four days, I either got used to the wood taste, or it went away. I’ve now been using them for two weeks and I don’t taste wood at all. 

In regards to cleaning the teeth, I actually think my teeth feel way cleaner: the bristles aren’t as thick as the classic Colgate toothbrushes I am used to, so with them being finer, I feel like they get in everywhere a lot easier. Furthermore, I don’t feel any of the plaque where the gum meets the teeth. 

I stayed at a friend’s house not long ago and I used my travel case for my toothbrush this was great because I was able to keep the bristles from touching anything and getting germs on them. I like how firm the lid is on it, so it won’t come off.

I’ve tried the corn floss a handful of times and, to be honest, I’m not a serial flosser. My thoughts are that it is really quite easy to use, and when you’re done, you can either pop it in the bin or the compost bin because it’s 100% biodegradable. 

I never even knew tongue scrapers were a thing until I purchased them for this business. Let’s just say, it’s pretty gross what lies on our tongues without us even realising. It was easy to use and it’s definitely something I don’t want to be slack about with my future oral care. 

The girls haven’t used their kids toothbrushes yet because I only bought them new Peppa Pig ones not long ago, so once they are ready to be thrown out, I’ll get them to use the bamboo ones. 

Finally, my thoughts on the silicone baby toothbrush. I personally think these are great for getting infants used to things touching their gums and teeth. You just pop it on your finger and rub away on their little teeth that are popping through. It doesn’t hurt them, and instead, my girls thought it was funny to have me playing around in their mouth. 

I would love to know your thoughts on using these products - feel free to send me any feedback you have here or on my socials.