Our Story


Hi there, my name is Ashlee and I am the founder & creator of Norah's Treasures.

Norah's Treasures came about after birthing my first child, Norah Estelle. 
I wanted to create a non-toxic environment and reduce the use of single use plastics in our home.

The idea of using disposable nappies on my children was never my only option. My mum used cloth nappies on my siblings and myself, so I always thought I was going to do the same.
I began using reusable nappies from the day Norah was born, in which I got from a local business. 
I then decided to source my own brand of cloth nappies, that’s when my brand evolved.

As time goes went on, the variety of eco friendly products became larger and is still growing today, sourcing new things for you to enjoy at home without contributing to landfill with materials that take centuries to break down.

November 2019, the opportunity of having a store front came about, so naturally, I jumped on that opportunity quick smart.

After a short time of stocking reusable products only, the direction of my business started changing to fit the area my store is located, which has lead me into more items for mums and bubs.

Creating a small boutique mums and bubs gift shop has been really fun and I’m loving the feed back from the customers coming through the doors, admiring all the beautiful items that I stock from other small businesses around Australia.

Supporting other small businesses is really important to me which is why most of our items are either handmade or sourced from either stay at home mums or a Australian small business.

Ashlee xx