Our Story


Hi there, my name is Ashlee and I am the founder & creator of Norah's Treasures.

Norah's Treasures was invented after birthing my first child, Norah Estelle. 
I wanted to create a non-toxic environment and reduce the use of single use plastics in our home.

The idea of using disposable nappies on my children was never my only option. My mum used cloth nappies on my siblings and myself, so I always thought I was going to do the same.
I began using reusable nappies from the day Norah was born, with a small collection of MCN I got from a local business. 
I decided to source my own brand of cloth nappies.

As time goes on, we are slowly getting more variety in our inventory to help reduce your contribution of single use plastics.

Along side Norah's treasures, I also own a hair & beauty salon where we practice recycling. 
Being a sustainable salon, we are reducing unwanted rubbish going into landfill. Everything is recyclable leaving us with only rubber gloves, food scraps and miscellaneous items that are chemically contaminated.

I believe that saving our precious planet earth is very important, so I decided to source sustainable household items that will help reduce waste getting dumped into our oceans and across the land.

I started preparing my journey of motherhood with the basic essential oils I needed to create a non toxic environment for my new baby, as well as everyday i'm doing my part for the environment by not contributing to landfills with disposable nappies.

Norah & Ashlee xx