Silicone Stretch Food Wraps Are Oven Safe???

Yup.. I'm just as impressed as you are.

I knew when I purchased these to add to our inventory, they were safe for the oven, but you know when you haven't tried something, you are just unsure!?
Well I was a bit nervous for my first time.

A good friend of mine always raves how she loves using hers in the oven instead of baking paper, so I knew I needed to use them so we didn't use foil. 

Tonight we used them instead of foil for our chicken.

Wow.. That's all i'm going to say. 

My husband looked at me and said "Those silicone wraps? You can't put silicone in the oven, it will melt"
I responded saying that you could! Quietly praying that we wouldn't open the oven door to melted silicone stuck to our chicken!
Phew, we were all good.

Normally when we use foil or nothing at all underneath, the chicken will stick to some degree.
This chicken just came right off the wrap without any chicken stuck to it. 

Also, when I go to clean the oven tray if we haven't use anything underneath, it can be difficult to clean. I used a dish cloth to wipe the juices right off. (then I cleaned them in the sink properly afterwards) It was so easy. 

I'm still so amazed. 

I've just done some quick research and this is what I have found..
Many aluminium laminates are not recyclable due to their difficulties in separating the components of low yield of aluminium metal - wikipedia. I'm really surprised that you cannot recycled some kitchen foils.
I couldn't find anything on how much the average family uses, although for our household (2 adults + 2 babies) we go through about 5 rolls a year.. that's a lot of metres of foil going into either landfill (if they are completely covered in food residue) or into the recycling and not being able to be recycled. 

We used two of the X large wraps, overlapping because they are square and our tray is rectangular. Two of these wraps will cost you $13.
If they only lasted you a year (which they should last way longer if cared for with love), you would be saving around $9.50 for the year. 
We would normally buy the 30metre Coles foil for $4.50, so times that by 5 rolls is $22.50. 

I know this doesn't sound like much of a saving.
a) you are saving money full stop.
b) you are saving 150metres of foil going into landfill or not being able to be recycled every year (going by what we use in our household).
c) you will have a clearer conscious knowing the good you are doing.

Does this make you want to make the switch yet?

I'm not saying we will never use foil again, because let's face it, there are still things we need to use foil for, until then, we will still have it in our kitchen.

Happy baking and roasting and cooking and everything else you are doing with your wraps. 

Ashlee xx