Tilly Change Basket update

Ah small business..

‘Start a small business they say, it’ll be fun they say’

Nah, but seriously!

Mostly it’s great, but then you have times like I’ve just experienced.. STRESSED was an understatement.

In August 2021 I reordered our beautiful Tilly Change Baskets, I was told the production was going to be 20-25 days. I expected it to be a tad longer because my first order took longer than that.

Fast forward to Feb 2022, after countless emails asking how long my order will take, it’s finally ready to be shipped + left port in Vietnam.

In the meantime I placed another order in October 2021 for new products + some samples.

My order arrived on the vessel in Port Melbourne mid March, they unpacked the cargo containers + informed me I was able to go collect the goods in a 3 day window to avoid storage charges, I got whacked with a $2,200 bill for the goods to get off the ship + into port, so I did not want to get charged storage fees on top of this bill.

I plan to go on the Tuesday (last week) as I had other commitments on Monday + Wednesday that I couldn’t alter.

I hire a small truck, cancel my plans for the day, organise baby sitters last minute + head off to collect my goods.

I arrive at the dock + get told my goods are in customs + I cannot collect them.. What??

The guy at the gates tells me it must be a mistake so I should call the people that told me to come + ask them to be released urgently so I can collect.

I get back in my truck + burst into tears..

In 2 hours, I was transferred back + forth from two companies stating they couldn’t help me + I need to call the other company, I found a customs broker that quoted me $3,300 for my goods to be released from customs.. Okay it had to be paid so I paid it.

I then get told that my order needed to get cleared through quarantine + there was currently a 3-4 day wait.

I now get told that I will be charged $570 a day storage until I collect my goods.

In my head I am already calculating that I won’t collect my order until Monday at the earliest + it’s going to cost me almost 3K in storage fees.

Friday evening, I get an email saying that the baby baskets are not treated + they can either treat or destroy the goods. Of coarse I say 'treat them please'.
I had to wait until Monday (this week) for a response. The broker says he will have more info for me on Wednesday. I wait until Wednesday + I hear that they couldn't check the goods because they couldn't find the baskets in the boxes + he will hear back tomorrow (Thursday) + get back to me. He said he doesn't think I will have my order this week + it will most likely be next week.

It's Easter this weekend so we have public holidays on Friday + Monday where no workers will be able to do anything + my order is in storage costing me money. GREAT!

Today, Thursday, i get some good news.
'you can collect your goods'

An email I receive from my broker. 

I reply with all the questions confirming that EVERYTHING is okay now + I am able to go collect my goods.

'Yes, no storage will be charged'

WHATTT, I was/am so excited. 

Because my order was being treated + in quarantine etc, they weren't technically in storage. 
Thank you universe!

Here I am thinking that my profit margin was going to be so small because of all these storage fees, i now am only out of pocket about 1/4 of what i was expecting to pay.

So, now I am organising to collect my goods on Tuesday + hopefully have them safe + sound in my warehouse ready for all my beautiful customers + their babies.

No business runs smoothly, there are only lessons to be learnt + boy have I learnt from this.

Ashlee x x