Why I Love Cloth Nappies

Why I Love Cloth Nappies

A few of the main reasons why I love cloth are that I love a big booty, it's so darn cute. I love that the chance of nappy rash is reduced massively or completely for some people. I love that when you hear that dreaded poo explosion, you know you're probably not going to be greeted with s@#t EVERYWHERE!.. Just everywhere inside the nappy. I also love that you can match your nappies to your outfit or when my girls are in dresses you can show them off. And lastly, I LOVE the feeling of knowing that I will be saving thousands of nappies going into landfill over the course of my girls nappy life span. 

When my girls have big booty's, I just think they are so cute and bootylicious! 
The only downfall to this, is that we have to wear pants that are a size too big just so the nappy with fit better in them, luckily Norah and Delilah are tall so the extra length doesn't effect them. 

I remember when Norah got her first nappy rash, I was so upset because I thought that cloth nappies were going to completely stop rashes. Then I realised that it wasn't the nappy that gave her rashes, it was her poo when she was sleeping. She had done one in her sleep and because she had started to teeth, her poo was too strong to be left on her skin that long. I used a nappy rash blend I had made from essential oils which helped it ease off and go away after a day or two. 

I reckon out of the many poo explosions Norah has had she has leaked twice. She leaked because she was wearing a second hand nappy that we had bought that the elastics were not in great condition. So the explosion made the poo come out of one of the leg holes. This happened another time she wore this nappy. I soon got rid of it and never put her in it again.

I would love to hear why you love cloth. 
Please share with me !

Ashlee xx