Essential Oil Blends For Babies/Toddlers
Essential Oil Blends For Babies/Toddlers
Essential Oil Blends For Babies/Toddlers

Essential Oil Blends For Babies/Toddlers

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If you want a more natural alternative to the general products on the shelves, these oil blends are chemical free and safe to use on babies and toddlers. 
These beautifully smelling oil blends are perfect to keep in your nappy bag or beside the change table for your go to products.

Reducing the use of chemical filled baby products will be extremely beneficial to your babies health.

Our blends have been carefully mixed with the perfect ratios which are extremely safe to use on your child.

How to use:
Zzzzz/sleepy baby- Apply topically by rolling on souls of your babies feet. We roll onto the bottom feet because your feet have to biggest pours, so your oils can enter the body quickly and easily. Other options are to roll on the temples and chest, so your baby can inhale the aromas and help relax.
Teething- Apply topically by rolling along jawline. This will assist the discomfort your baby is experiencing from teething.
Nappy rash- Apply topically by rolling over any redness, wounds or effected areas of nappy rash. The tea tree will assist in killing germs and bad bacteria while the roman chamomile and lavender will help sooth and calm down the redness and soreness. This blend can also be used as a preventative to help avoid nappy rash. I I highly recommend lots of nappy free time to assist in the healing of nappy rash.

Product detail:
Bottle: 10ml glass roller bottle.
Care: store upright in a cool dry area. Avoid direct sunlight.
Bottle can be reused once empty.

Teething- fractionated coconut oil, Copaiba essential oil, frankincense essential oil and Douglas fir essential oil.
Nappy rash- fractionated coconut oil, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil and Roman chamomile essential oil.
zzzzz/sleepy baby- fractionated essential oil, lavender essential oil and Roman chamomile essential oil. 

please note: essential oils are not proven to heal or cure any medical condition you may be experiencing. I have mixed these blends to help assist with other treatments you may be using. Use at your own risk. Please do a patch test at least 48 hours prior to using at full use.