Fruit and Veg Fitted Pals
Fruit and Veg Fitted Pals
Fruit and Veg Fitted Pals

Fruit and Veg Fitted Pals

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No more wasting onion halves because they have gone wrinkly in your fridge. 

No more tomatoes drying out from getting forgotten about on the second shelf.. 

Every kitchen needs a set of fruit and veggie pals. They fit so snug around half cut up fruit and veg.

In every set there are 4 difference sizes. 

Your yellow friend wants to be a pal for your bananas, small limes, cucumbers etc. all your skinny friends. 

Your orange pal, he love to hug around your onions and your lemons and all your other fruit veg of similar size.

The greenies will fit nicely around your larger capsicums, larger onions and any other fruit or veg you think will fit inside.

Lastly, your blue pals. He is great for smaller melons and larger veggies. 

If your struggling to fit your larger fruit or veggies in our pals, try using our silicone fitted stretch food covers. 

How to use:
Find a fruit and veg pal that would suit the food you’re wanting to cover and then wiggle it inside. 
Once it is sitting inside, check there are no gaps where air can sneak in.

Product details:
Set: One of each size
Size in diameter: approx 6cm, 9cm, 11cm and 14cm before stretching
Material: Silicone
Colour: Multi coloured 
Wash instructions: wash with warm soapy water and hang dry on dish rack.
Dishwasher, fridge and microwave safe
Warning: Do not use in oven