Silicone Stretch Cover sets
Silicone Stretch Cover sets
Silicone Stretch Cover sets

Silicone Stretch Cover sets

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Say bye-bye to plastic and HELLO to these beauties.
Help reduce plastic in your home by adding this set of silicone stretch covers to your kitchen supplies. 

How to use:
Make sure the silicone stretch cover is completely dry. Make sure your food is cooled down and not hot/warm because the steam and moisture coming from the food will effect your covers sticking.

Stretch over your bowl, plate or cups with the smooth/sticky side to grip.
Sticks best to ceramic or glass. 

• Mega set x1 xx large wrap, x2 x large wrap, x2 large wrap
• Large multi set x1 xx large wrap, x1 x large wrap, x1 large wrap
• XX large set x3 xx large wraps
• X large set x3 x large wraps
• Large set x3 large wraps 

What are the sizes used for?
• XX large- really good for massive party bowls or serving plates, also good size as a baking liner for roast veggies ect
• X large- generally as a size guide, this will fit a dinner plate comfortably
• Large- a large dinner bowl
Product details:
Size: XX Large 30cm x 30cm, X Large 25cm x 25cm, Large 19cm x 19cm
Colour: Clear 
Wash instructions: wash with warm soapy water and hang dry on dish rack.
Dishwasher safe