Silicone Menstrual Cup
Silicone Menstrual Cup
Silicone Menstrual Cup
Silicone Menstrual Cup

Silicone Menstrual Cup

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Bye-bye toxic tampons & HELLO menstrual cup.
Did you know tampons left in the vagina can encourage bacteria to grow?
Did you know you can also cause tiny abrasions on the walls of your vagina by removing it while your is too light for tampons?

Why a menstrual cup?
There are no toxic shock syndrome risks!
The healthy bacteria is preserved which will protect you from infections.
You get a longer use time before you need to 'change your tampon'.
Save $$$ because you will only need to buy once.
And most of all, no landfill contribution. 

What size is best for me?
S- Generally for someone who has not vaginally delivered a baby. 
L- Someone who has given birth or someone who has a high cervix.

Product Detail
Material: Silicone.
Colour: Clear, purple, blue or red.
Size: S or L
Wash Instructions: Once removed front the vagina, empty into either the toilet, down the sink or on your garden. rinse well in warm soapy water.
Sterilise in a sterilising machine or in boiled water.

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